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District: 50000 employees of CNG stations terminated in Sialkot

Islamabad: As many as 50000 employees have been terminated from their jobs, in 360 registered CNG stations of Sialkot district owing to persist closure of CNG stations followed by the nonavailability of the gas.

All the 360 registered CNG stations have been lying closed for the last two weeks in Gujranwala Division’s.

President CNG Stations Owners Association Gujranwala Region Nadeem Khan had disclosed this while talking to the media persons on Sunday.

He said that owners of abovementioned CNG filling stations’ owners had been paying salaries to their employees from their personal pockets for the last two months, as there was no work for them there. Now, the owners have terminated them due to these unavoidable circumstances in a bid to avert financial crisis, in this regard.

He said that due to unending CNG crisis the owners of the CNG vehicles now preferred motorcycles to CNG vehicles. They said that the use of patrol had also badly disturbed their monthly budget.

He urged the federal government to ensure some early effective measures to curb the menace of the CNG nonavailability, besides, ensuring the early opening of the closed CNG stations here in the larger public interest.


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