Deputy Speaker speaks

PISHIN: Deputy Speaker Balochistan Assembly Syed Matiullah Agha has said target killing of innocent persons in the province is a conspiracy to malign provincial government. America and other anti Islam forces are responsible for Increase in murders and killing incidents in Quetta.

Speaking to various delegations here he said if JUI is empowered it would bring back lost peace of the province. He said no one including Ulema, mosques and madaris are safe. JUI would raise voice against it at every fora.

Matiullah Agha said basis of our politics is enforcement of Islamic order and independence of human being from slavery.

Secular forces instead of guiding masses on true lines completely disappointed them. With the result people are now joining JUI day by day.

He said desirous of gun culture have involved people with fear by staking peace of the province. Such forces are involved in arson and blood game in Quetta who do not want peace in the province at any cost. Rather some were flaring atmosphere of fear for some American dollars.

Deputy Speaker said a network of development activities has been laid in district Pishin involving millions of Rupees.

Indiscriminate service of masses is topmost priorities. He said we have decided to end unemployment. He said we would show clean sweep in the coming elections on basis of our performance.