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Bodies of slain ‘bandits’ handed to heirs

Karachi: The bodies of three slain alleged dacoits were handed over by Naundero police to Azeem Narejo, Advocate of Khairpur, late Friday night and the fourth dead body of Farzand Ali was handed over to his brother Laung Solangi.

Laung Solangi told media that his brother was a peasant and kidnapped on 17th December 2012 from Jan Muhammad Solangi village near Kot Diji when he was working in the field. He said that bandits demanded Rs3million as ransom but they could not pay being very poor.

Meanwhile FIR No: 7/2013 of police encounter was lodged at Ketty Mumtaz police station by ASI Zakir Sandano under Sections 324 and 353 against notorious bandits Nazroo Narejo, Mustoo Narejo and eight others. In the FIR the slain kidnapped person Farzand Ali Solangi was also mentioned as dacoit by the police.


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