Asian Leadership Meet to Focus on Sustainable Growth

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SEOUL, KOREA–(Marketwire – March 22, 2013) – Steady economic growth and job creation will be the focus of this year’s Asian Leadership Conference, together with dependable welfare that does not leave a hefty financial burden on future generations.

The meet hopes to respond to growing calls for big businesses to make concessions and cooperate with small and mid-sized companies to strive for a more level playing field and create a business environment that nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit.

The conference, now in its fourth year, takes place on March 26-27 and is hosted jointly by the Chosun Ilbo and TV Chosun.

The official theme is, “Asia’s Next Challenge: Good Growth and Smart Welfare.” The first part refers to growth that encourages job creation and a balance between big and small businesses. The second concerns sustainable yet efficient welfare.

Economist and Nobel laureate Thomas Sargent and Gunther Schmid of the Social Science Research Center Berlin will discuss job creation strategies. France’s deputy minister for digital economy and Korean adoptee Fleur Pellerin and Steve Chen, cofounder of YouTube, will share their thoughts on how to employ digital innovation to create new jobs.

There will also be lectures from global management gurus and CEOs on the sidelines of the main sessions.

Like last year, the entire conference will progress digitally, with all materials accessible online and procedures done using tablet PCs that will be provided to all participants. People around the world also can watch the main sessions and the lectures on Ustream live pay-per-view.

-Date: March 26-27, 2013
-Venue: Sheraton Grand Walker Hill, Seoul
-Ustream Live Pay-Per-View Channels:
-Main Session:
-Pay-Per-View Fees: 19.99 USD for Main Session, 29.99 USD for Lectures, include VOD watching

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