PSX Launches WhatsApp Service for Educating Investors

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has launched a WhatsApp Service for capital market enthusiasts and investors.

“Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has introduced a brilliant new service called the PSX WhatsApp Service to make available a whole host of information to capital market customers at their finger tips,” it said in a press release.

“This exciting offering provides customers with all the basic information they need regarding investment, and issuances as well as basics of financial literacy such as articles and blogs, My Portfolio virtual trading web app, Knowledge Center, and market details such as market report, market summary, daily quotations and daily announcements, among several other options and sub-options,” it added.

The PSX WhatsApp Service is accessible through a simple and convenient process. Users can scan a QR code or click on this link.

Speaking about the launch of the PSX WhatsApp Service, the PSX MD and CEO, Farrukh H. Khan, stated, “We are excited to introduce the PSX WhatsApp Service for the use and benefit of all stakeholders including investors, issuers, media, and the general public. Whether they are new to the market or are familiar with it, users can utilize PSX WhatsApp Service to access information on market movement for the day with daily market reports and summaries available; they can learn the ropes of investing by reaching out to us for the Investing 101 course offered by PSX; they can learn about Main Board as well as GEM Board for listing their company and for raising capital; and companies can reach out to PSX for investor education sessions for their staff members, among several other types of information available on this service”.

He added, “PSX continues to leverage technology to digitize its services and offerings and to provide convenience to its customers. This effort is a valuable link in that chain of digitized and convenient facilities offered by PSX. We are confident that this service will prove to be of much benefit to users and stakeholders”.

Source: Pro Pakistani