Xtera’s 100G Nu-Wave Optima™ Optical Transport Platform Certified for Russian Telecommunications Networks

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DALLAS, TX and MOSCOW–(Marketwire – Oct 8, 2012) – Xtera Communications Inc. (Xtera), a leading global provider of optical networking solutions, today announced that its multi-purpose optical transport platform, Nu-Wave Optima™, is certified to be deployed in Russian backbone networks. The Testsertifico certification body delivered the GOST-R certificate and the Russian OSSET telecom certification body granted the Certificate of Conformance indicating that Xtera’s equipment fully complies with the requirements of the Russian telecommunications authorities.

Xtera’s Nu-Wave Optima™ is the ideal optical transport platform for equipping high-capacity, long-distance optical transmission infrastructures throughout Russia and Central Asia. Nu-Wave Optima™ helps backbone network operators efficiently address the never-ending traffic increase with the following key features:

  • Ultra-long span performance to reduce the number of intermediate sites;
  • Ultra-long, all-optical reach to avoid the deployment of costly regeneration sites on long optical routes; and
  • Line capacity scalable up to 15 Tb/s via Xtera’s unique combination of ultra-wide optical amplifier bandwidth and second-generation 100G coherent technology.

“Xtera is committed to offer innovative, field-proven solutions to Russian backbone network operators for coping with the bandwidth explosion fueled by IP traffic growth and maximizing the value of their optical assets,” said Herve Fevrier, EVP and COO of Xtera. ”Our Nu-Wave Optima™ platform has been deployed worldwide for network topologies similar to the ones found in Russia and we are looking forward to working with Russian service providers.”

Being the first 100G equipment in the field since the second half of 2011 with soft-decision Forward Error Correction (FEC), Xtera’s Nu-Wave Optima™ offers the industry’s most advanced 100G solution that is available for multiple optical networking applications. For terrestrial backbone networks, the Nu-Wave Optima™ equipment delivers an unrivaled line capacity of 15 Tb/s on more than 3,000 km. For unrepeatered applications, a capacity of 34 x 100G was recently transmitted over a span exceeding 74 dB.

The proven Nu-Wave Optima™ multi-purpose platform offers unparalleled 100G WDM performance in real network conditions based on the combination of the industry’s most powerful 100G technology and unique line equipment to face different network configurations. Some examples include:

  • A N x 100G 1,350-km route including a 250-km / 60-dB span;
  • The longest N x 100G all-optical link ever deployed with a reach of 2,500 km, including 24 spans, and going through 9 ROADMS; and
  • 7 Tb/s per fiber pair on a 350-km / 65.5-dB unrepeatered link.

Such features and performances clearly illustrate the benefits that the Nu-Wave Optima™ solution offers to Russian backbone networks where long-span and ultra-long, all-optical reach capabilities are key requirements.

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