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Wheat flour shortage also hits Sanghar district

Shahdadpur, Sindh: Like other parts of Sindh, the wheat flour crisis has also hit Shahdadpur, Shahpur Chakar, Sarhari, Lundo, Tando Adam and other towns of district Sanghar as the flour price has shot up with shortage of essential commodity.

Currently very substandard wheat flour is being sold in the market at higher rates with no check on it by the concerned authorities.

Ali Nawaz Sahito and Ghulam Haider of Chaki 9small grinding unit) Owners’ Association told that grave situation developed after Sindh food department stopped release of wheat to the flour mills and Chakkis ending its liberal policy. “This step caused increase in the price of wheat by Rs.400/- per bag in the open market and now we have to buy the wheat at the rate of Rs.3600/- per bag.

“The flour price would come down again if the government restores liberal policy and releases wheat at subsidized rate,” they said.

Meanwhile, food department official Khadim Hussain Umrani told that department has decided to restore old policy and now would release 28 bags per month to the Chakkis at the rate of Rs.2800 per bag of 100kg. He however said that wheat would be released only after the new policy is officially announced.

Official told that food department has 32000 wheat bags in its stock at Shahdadpur godown and they have to meet the needs of entire season from it.


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