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We will not tolerate any delay in election, ready for talks with TTP, Asfandyar

Peshawar: Awami National Party ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan has said that his party will not allow delay of election as postponement of election will be disastrous for the country.

Asfandyar said that despite his party is on the hit list of terrorists he will not tolerate delay in election. “Election is the basic for continuation of democratic process and we will have to defend the democratic process by holding election on time,” Asfandyar said while addressing media after chairing ANP Think Tank meeting in Peshawar.

Talking about the situation after Bashir Ahmad Bilour’ death, ANP chief said fighting terrorism was not the job of a single party rather it was the job of the state to fight the anti state elements. “ we will be able to do the politics if state remain intact. We will have to unite if want to protect the state,” he said.

Asfandyar said that his party has decided to contact all political forces and will convince them to adopt a united stance against terrorism otherwise not one will be safe. “We appeal to all the political parties to adopt a clear stand on this issue. If the experience of the recent past is any thing to go by, the terrorists will not forgive any political or religious parties,” he said.

Inviting TTP for negotiation, Asfandyar said use of force against their sanctuaries would be the last option. “We are ready to sit together with them if they are ready otherwise operation against their sanctuaries will be the option,” he said.

He said ANP was fighting the war against terrorism on doorsteps and in the streets however if they were not ready for talks a national comprehensive strategy for defeating terrorists outfits that were out to destroy the state and society.

He paid rich tribute to the service of Bashir Ahmad Bilour and said that Bilour’s family was standing firm after the death of Bashir Bilour.

The think tank, he said had authorized the me to contact coalition partners, all political parties and all the state institutions to share ANP’s concerns with them to prepare decisive a line of action.

To a question, he said that there were some issues which he will discuss with PM and president.

Replying to another question he said terrorists had a typical mind set and they were even not ready to accept Maulana Fazal Rahman, Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Aftab Sherpao.


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