Water supply to Hockey Stadium has been disconnected

Karachi: Water supply to Hockey Stadium has been disconnected and Hockey Federation has been informed by Karachi Water & Sewerage Board regarding this decision.

Despite several notices sent to Hockey Federation over a long span of time HF has not been able to pay the water bills to KW&SB for last 15 years. Display of irresponsive behavior from Hockey Federation has led to this decision, a KWSB release said on Friday.

Managing Director KW&SB expressing distress on the behavior displayed by Hockey Federation directed that the supply to Hockey Stadium shall be disconnected until the payment of outstanding dues. KW&SB has been supplying water to Hockey Stadium for last 15 years.

He said that, KW&SB is a public service institution bringing water to the city from the reservoirs situation 200 kilometres away from the city through three pumping steps. The dilemma is that on one hand, Pumping, Filtration, Chlorination, Electricity, Diesel charges are quite heavy, and with the increase in prices, KW&SB expenses are increasing exponentially. On the other hand, bulk consumers are not cooperating with KW&SB in order to clear their outstanding dues.

In this situation, KW&SB is left with no other choice but to disconnect water supply to the defaulters. He directed the revenue department to continue the Recovery Campaign and take no pressure in this regard.

Furthermore, he said that the campaign is only directed at the KW&SB defaulters so that KW&SB can improve and maintain the water and sewerage system. Therefore, Government and Private Organizations must understand their duties, cooperate with the KW&SB administration, and help maintaining this ongoing public service.