Violation of agreement, Hajj Mission imposes penalties on 2 private organizers

Pakistan Hajj Mission in Makkah has compensated 187 pilgrims of Private Hajj Scheme with 500 SAR each amounting to 6.7 million Pakistani rupees.

Radio Pakistan Correspondent Bilal Khan Mehsud reports from Makkah, upon receiving complaints from the pilgrims, the Director Monitoring Cell at the Pakistan Hajj Mission Zulfiqar Khan reached the spot and after completing the due course of law he imposed substantial penalties on two private Hajj Group Organizers.

The Private operators violated their agreement to provide pilgrims with accommodations within the designated distance of 900-1,700 meters from the Grand Mosque (Baitullah Sharif).

While interacting with state run media in Makkah, the Director said on complaints of private-scheme pilgrims, the monitoring cell served notices on the two HGOs and gave them mandatory hearings under a laid-down procedure.

It found a breach of the agreement, duly admitted by the HGOs, as the pilgrims’ residences were at a distance of 2,400 meters when measured through Google
Maps. Under a proactive approach, he said, the monitoring teams visit different buildings daily, gather feedback from the pilgrims and then take necessary action after on-the-spot inspections in the presence of the nominated representatives of the concerned HGOs.

To a question, the director categorically said we will not tolerate any kind of cheating with the guests of Allah Almighty at any cost. He said our main focus is on providing instant relief to the Hujjaj, under the ‘then and there’ formula, so the compensation amount has been paid to them.

He said the Monitoring Cell has ensured a shuttle service from their residences to the Haram after every 20 minutes around the clock.

To another question, the director of the monitoring cell said this action would encourage pilgrims by showing them that someone cared for them, prompting them to speak for their rights and lodge complaints against those not fulfilling their agreements.

Source: Radio Pakistan