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US will continue to support students: Envoy

Islamabad: US Ambassador Richard Olson met Friday with more than 100 students who have studied in the United States and encouraged them to work hard to make Pakistan a better place.

“Education is the key to future prosperity and economic growth,” said Ambassador Olson. “I’m proud that my country has had a role in your education and helped your country, one student at a time,” he told 100 alumni of the Study of the U.S. Institute SUSI exchange program.

The SUSI program sends students from all regions of Pakistan and a variety of backgrounds to the United States for six weeks to study at a U.S. university.

During the reunion, participants discussed their experiences in the United States and how they used what they learned and made plans to develop service projects in their hometowns in Pakistan.

“Your country needs you. Devote your time and energy to making Pakistan the country you want it to be,” Ambassador Olson said. “We will continue to support you.”

The Ambassador encouraged the students to apply for funding from the U.S. Small Grants program, which awards grants to individuals with promising proposals aimed at improving their communities in Pakistan.

He also encouraged the students to remain engaged in their alumni networks, through which they can organize community service projects, plan social activities, and benefit from professional development opportunities.


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