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Unisame demands neutral caretaker setup

Karachi: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) on behalf of the SME business community of Baluchistan thanked the government for imposing governor’s rule in Balochistan and responding positively to public demand.

They however questioned the coalition political parties of electing what they termed an inefficient person as chief minister of Balochistan in the very first place. Surely the chief executive of a province needs to be a leader with substance to govern the province effectively. It is apparent that such mistakes must not be repeated in future and selection of only high calibre persons as ministers must be the criteria.

The Union stated that since the coalition government has almost completed its tenure it should let better sense prevail and advised the coalition government to act wisely and hand over the government to neutral caretaker prime minister to enable him appoint technocrats as cabinet members and hold free and fair elections in good time as per schedule before the situation gets out of control.

The business community is anticipating impatience and apprehending people coming out in the streets to protest against poor law and order, inflation and corruption and it will not be long when the public will collectively voice their sentiments against the government.

They said it would be wise to retire in good grace as it is apparent that the people are not happy with the state of affairs and are preparing to come out in the streets to protest and this will give an opportunity to miscreants to take advantage of the situation and turn peaceful protest into unmanageable violence and street crimes.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said the business community places great importance in making the economy strong as a strong economy is the life line of a country and any government needs to have a very solid economic agenda. It is therefore imperative that the parties seeking to be re-elected need to do their homework and have a manifesto for economic growth and plan to stimulate a stagnant economy.

He said the coalition government had the golden opportunity to improve the economy but failed to bring about economic stability due to lack of political will although the resources were there. The government indulged in heavy expenditure and borrowed excessively creating deficits and leaving no funds for development work.

Had the government focused on the SME sector which is almost 96% of the business entities the state of affairs would not have been so bad as the SME sector would have kept the economy in gear improving the job opportunities and increasing production of manufactured items and farm produce and reducing inflation due to better supplies. The large sector remained shy due to poor law and order, energy crisis and high cost of production and shifted to other countries but despite the problems the SME sector remained on the wicket and contributed to the value addition in the supply chain. The SME sector deserves the best attention of any future government and the political parties need to note this fact he emphasized.

The Union stated that it is written on the wall and the coalition government needs to recognize the restlessness of the masses who are unable to make both hands meet due to high inflation, unemployment and poor law and order. The daily bread earners are suffering due to strikes and closures.

The Union further stated that all is well that ends well and urged the coalition government to immediately announce the date for formation of the caretaker set up in the best interest of peace and welfare of all the stakeholders.


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