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Two Saudi doctors treat 30 cases of heart diseases in Mauritania

Nouakchott (IINA) � Two Saudi medical doctors have treated 30 people in Mauritania through carrying out urgent surgeries for them.

Naji Al-Khalaf and Ali Al-Masoud declined to enjoy their annual leave in order to travel to Mauritania on a medical mission, under the umbrella of the Muslim World League (MWL), to treat difficult cases, most of them pregnant women, in the absence of medical supplies and equipment. The arrangements for the trip followed contacts between Dr. Al-Masoud and Mauritanian doctors in the west African country.

"After assessment of the cases, we decided to allocate our annual leave to carry out these operations voluntarily and for free," Dr. Al-Khalaf said.

"The medical supplies were sent by mail to Nouakchott, and then we set off on the trip accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Bakhashwain, representative of International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), to facilitate the travel procedures and communicate with the IIRO regional office in Mauritania," he added.

He pointed that the travel expenses and costs of the special equipment used in the operations were paid by IIRO, an affiliate of Muslim World League.

Source: international Islamic News Agency


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