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Two girls drown in Indus River

Naudero, Sindh: Two girls drowned into Indus River near here in the limits of Ketty Mumtaz police station on Sunday.

According to Nizamuddin Agani, the father of one deceased girl, women of village Shah Hussain village went to Indus River to bath a measles affected 4years child named Salim son of Hameer Agani, as they believe river water and sand help in speedy recovery.

However, two girls, 15years old Babi daughter of Nizamuddin Agani and 13years Reema daughter of Ajeeb Agani also took bath in the river. Sadly they drowned.

Later, the villagers found the body of one girl Babi, who was buried Sunday morning. The body of the other girl was yet to be recovered.


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