Two dozen people injured in clash over irrigation water rotation


Khipro, Sindh: At least 24 persons sustained injuries in clash between two groups of Bhambhro and Hingoro communities over irrigation water rotation in village Keti of Khipro Taluka, district Sanghar on Thursday morning. The rival groups used fire arms and axes in the clash.

The injured include Muhammad Khan Hingoro, Subhan Hingoro, Naeem Hingoro, Hanif Hingoro, Imam Bux Hingoro, Sawan Hingoro, Mir Muhammad Hingoro, Imtiaz Hingoro, Ali Bux Hingoro, Mehboob Hingoro, Nabi Bux Hingoro, Irshad Bhambhro, Hussain Bhambhro, Akbar Ali, Ayub, Allah Dino, Sadiq, Mumtaz, Guhram, Sabir, Dost Muhammad, Khuda Bux, Jhando and others. The injured were admitted at Khipro hospital.

The area turned into battlefield as fire arms and axes were freely used creating panic among the people. Both the groups belong to PPP. No case was registered so far.