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TUSDEC Steers towards Third Gender Mainstreaming

LAHORE: In the spirit to ordain a just society, TUSDEC (Technology Up gradation and Skill Development Company) has joined hands with Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA) in the aim of elevating the 1socioeconomic status of the transgender who make a considerable patch of our population. Transgender make one of the most marginalized and deserted community in the Subcontinent. Deprived of the rudimentary provisions of healthcare, education, property inheritance, formal employment and victimized by the abrasive social behaviour, these abandoned souls are thrown at the hands of miseries laid down by poverty and rejection, consequentially compelling them towards social evils like beggary and prostitution.

TUSDEC and GIA have signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) on January 7, 2013, to impart various vocational training courses for the third gender community thereby enabling them to earn a decent living for them. TUSDEC will arrange for the training of transgender in various Employable trades where GIA will be identifying the target beneficiaries for the trainings.

According to a company spokesperson, TUSDEC will provide FOC trainings, transportation facilities and daily allowances to the program trainees and will also connect them to the industry for the formal employment as well as with various microfinance institutions so that they can start up their own small-scale businesses.

The source further shared that during the courses the transgender trainees will also be mentored to actively participate in the socioeconomic sphere of the country making themselves an operable part of national manpower.

President of Gender Interactive Alliance, Bindiya Rana commended TUSDEC initiative for the socioeconomic elation of transgenders community and pressed on the need of further initiatives of the same sort while elaborating on the prevalent deplorable situation of the community.
According to an official source from TUSDEC, this programme is another materialisation of the company’s mandate of enabling a gender equivalent and well heeled national economy.


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