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Turkey: US plans to move its embassy to Jerusalem extremely worrying

Ankara Turkish foreign ministry said on Saturday that the recent U.S. statement saying it would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was extremely worrying.

Turkey will continue exerting efforts along with the overwhelming majority of the international community to protect the Palestinian people's legitimate rights in response to the U.S.'s [...] decision, which is extremely worrying, the ministry said in a statement.

The State Department announced on Friday that the U.S. would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14 -- the day the state of Israel was established and officially recognized by Washington in 1948, according to Anadolu Agency (AA).

The statement showed that the U.S. was insistent on "destroying peace by violating international law," UN Security Council resolutions on Jerusalem and UN parameters, the ministry noted.

The Turkish ministry added that the U.S. was proving with this latest statement that it either did not hear or did not wish to listen to, the international community, the position of which was reflected in last December's Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Istanbul Declaration and the subsequent UN General Assembly resolution.

The relocation plan was the United States' priority after President Donald Trump announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December last year, which drew a storm of condemnation and protests across the Arab and Muslim world.

The OIC, in an extraordinary summit in Istanbul, proceeded to recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital.

That same month, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Jerusalem by an overwhelming majority, calling on the U.S. to withdraw its recognition of the city as Israel's capital.

A total of 128 members voted in favor of the Jerusalem resolution, nine countries voted against, and 35 others abstained.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem now occupied by Israel might eventually serve as the capital of a Palestinian state.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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