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Tribesmen flay excessive load shedding in Landikotal

LANDIKOTAL: The government and TESCO intentionally deprive the tribal areas of the power supply, which is condemnable. Excessive and unfair load shedding has disrupted life activities amid severe cold weather in Landikotal.

All the tube wells have come to standstill in Khyber, which has created famine of potable water. Political figures of various parties have warned of protest if the unfair and excessive load shedding is not ended in Landikotal.

The political administration deceived the people in Landikotal by making hollow and untrue promises that the administration would install solar system in tube wells to cater to the water needs of the local people, Luqman Khan sad. So far the solar systems have not been installed in tube wells in Landikotal.

The authorities are not committed to serve the tribesmen rather their intention is to somehow loot their money, resources and assets in the tribal areas, he commented. Provision of drinking water and power supply is our basic right, he observed, saying the government is not serious to take notice of the unfair and excessive load shedding.

Taj Gul Afridi, a tube well operator, said that people are in dire need of potable water but where there is no light, there is no water.

He also criticized the administration and TESCO authorities for doing injustices with the dwellers of Landikotal by depriving them of the power supply at the fair schedule. “We are also Pakistanis and human beings” but even then the government and our officers are not committed to give us our basic rights”, he lamented.

The huge funds with the political administration can be utilized on the welfare of the tribal people in Khyber Agency, but the authorities are not interested to resolve the basic long standing problems of the residents, Mati Ullah opined.

In the last sixty five years, the tribesmen have been demanding for the provision of potable water and smooth supply of power, but the consecutive governments in Pakistan have not paid any heed to resolve the basic issues in the tribal areas, he said, complaining the authorities on the other hand usurped their assets and resources in the entire tribal belt.


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