Thakar community chief and PML-F candidate played important role in wiping out Arbabs from Thar - Pakistan News Digest

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Thakar community chief and PML-F candidate played important role in wiping out Arbabs from Thar

Mithi, Sindh: Rana Hameer Singh Sodho, the chief of Thakar community and candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (Functional), played an important role in eliminating dominance of Arbabs in Tharparkar, the Desert District, where former Chief Minister Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim could secure his seat and all the stalwarts of his group tumbled down in May 11 elections.

Rana, who had pledged to wipe out Arbabs from Thar, contested election from two constituencies of Sindh assembly – PS-61 Mithi and PS-62 Nagarparkar where he divided the vote bank of Arbabs paving way for PPP to emerge as third force and clinch the seats. Similarly, he helped PPP candidates in other constituencies of Thar against the candidates of Peoples Muslim League headed by Arbab Ghulam Rahim.

The candidates of Arbab group faced defeat despite attacks on polling stations, making hostage the polling staff and polling agents and harassing the voters. Some polling stations were also set on fire.

According to unofficial results, Arbab Ghulam Rahim, who contested from PS-60 Deeplo constituency, won the election by securing 51673 votes. His opponent PPP candidate Engineer Gianchand got 34464 votes. However in PS-61 Mithi constituency Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani defeated Arbab Naimatullah and in PS-62 Nagarparkar PPP candidate Khalil-u-Zaman alias Naimatullah defeated Arbab Anwar.

The election of Arbab Rahim itself is disputed as Engineer Gianchand has lodged complaint with District Returning Officer regarding rigging allegedly by Arbab Rahim and has requested to stop the results.

The results of national assembly seat NA-230 and provincial seat PS-63 Chhachhro were delayed as over 40 polling stations were attacked, set ablaze and staff was made hostage

Three presiding officers have submitted written complaints to District Returning Officer alleging that armed miscreants tortured them, snatched ballot papers and made them hostage.


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