TB patients urged to complete full course

Peshawar: Dr Akhtar Hussain, regional coordinator national TB programme Peshawar on Tuesday urged the TB patients to maintain the cure of the disease continuously for eight months as the disease is preventable with proper treatment.

In a training workshop for journalist, organized by National TB control programme in collaboration with Global fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria here at Peshawar Press Club, he said if a normal patient of Tuberculosis TB leave the treatment incomplete or not properly take the medicine the disease would convert into Multi Drug Resistance MDR TB which he added a dangerous and fatal kind of TB and there is only 30 per cent chances life, while its treatment is more expensive.

Mentioning the symptoms of the disease, he said if a person have continuous cough, blood in spiting, feel no hunger and weakness and exhaustion, the person should visit to the near diagnosis centre for his checkup. Almost 0.3 million people involve in lungs TB annually in Pakistan.

He said every year a patient of sputum positive affected approximately 15 people whereas a person has tuberculosis virus in spitting and not properly treated also affected 10 people.

The disease, Dr Akhtar said spread when a TB patient coughed and sneezed the virus may transfer to other persons through infectious, adding tuberculosis germs usually affect the lungs while it could also affect other parts of the body. Dr Akhtar said 218 TB diagnosis centers and 814 treatment centers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in which 26 diagnosis and 76 treatment centers in district Peshawar wherein TB patient could get medicine and diagnose the disease free of cast.

Reply to a query, he said a new born child could not be involve in the disease of a TB mother but the woman should keep handkerchief on her mouth when she coughed during feeding her child.

He also said that proper hygienic conditions should be maintained in homes while spitting should be avoided in public places.