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Supremacy of Constitution is our unltimate destination: Asad Qaiser

Islamabad: Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has said that supremacy of Constitution was our ultimate destination that guaranteed democracy, fundamental rights and security for each and every citizen of the State. He said that the sanctity of this sacred document was immense which must be upheld at any cost. He expressed these views on the eve of Constitution Day celebrated on April 10, 2016 across the country.

Asad Qaiser highlighted the historical significance of the day and said that 46 years ago the chosen representatives of the first democratically elected legislature of the country - united by common purpose and an unwavering resolve � unanimously passed the Constitution of the country as a guiding principle to our journey towards a democratic, peaceful and prosperous country. He lamented that periodic interventions by undemocratic forces by holding the Constitution in abeyance set back the dream of a strong federation and democratic culture. Such misadventures were proved detrimental to state of security, human rights and development of the country, he added.

Remembering the sacrifices rendered by the political forces of the country to ensure supremacy of the Constitution, Speaker National Assembly said that the democratic forces with unrelenting resolve had faced enormous challenges while confronting the tyrannical regimes to strive for reinstating Constitution and restoring democracy in the country. He paid rich tribute to those unsung heroes who ceased to exist in the history but made every effort to defend the sanctity of the Constitution by facing torture, imprisonment and even execution enforced by the autocratic regimes.

Speaker National Assembly said that this historic day provided us an opportunity to reiterate our pledge to protect, preserve and defend each and every word of this sacred document that united as a nation to live together with liberty, social justice and equality.



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