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Sudanese-German Agriculture Expo kicks off in Khartoum

Khartoum The Sudanese-German Exhibition for Agriculture, Food and Packaging kicked off here on Sunday with the participation of 45 foreign and local companies, which will contribute to supporting the national economy and consolidation of investment opportunities, SUNA reported.

German Ambassador in Khartoum Ambassador Ulrich KlAlckner stressed that Sudan has a promising market due to the great potential it enjoys. He expressed Germany's desire for partnership in balanced agricultural development, pointing to the great development witnessed by the agricultural sector, which is an important indicator of the Sudanese economic growth.

"The exhibition comes to meet the need of the market for specialized services in food and packaging," KlAlckner said, revealing that the exhibition is being participated by companies from Europe and the Middle East.

General Manager of Expo GmbH Berlin Frank Hoffmann expressed his happiness over the opening of the exhibition that includes German equipment, machinery and technologies. He underlined that the exhibition will contribute to the creation of promising partnerships.

Hoffmann urged the citizens to visit the exhibition to benefit from the transfer of successful experiences in the agricultural sector, especially that Sudan is one of the three countries in the globe that could contribute to the provision of food to the world population, given the tremendous resources the country enjoys.

Representative of Sudan's Industrial Group GIAD Abu-Aqla Abdullah al-Muzzammil expressed gratitude for the initiative to organize a specialized exhibition, with the view to supporting agricultural exports, a matter that would contribute to the indigenization of several European technologies to support agricultural and horticultural exports.

France's Ambassador Emmanuelle Blatmann noted the importance of the Sudanese market to the European Union, stressing that the confidence of the Germans generates the confidence of others.

The exhibition, which will feature a number of lectures and presentations of experiences, will last for three days.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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