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Sports: Bridge: Naeem–Khalid Zaki wins Gymkhana Pairs Tourney

Karachi: A one-day Bridge Pair tournament was held at Karachi Gymkhana Club Tuesday evening, which was participated by 28 pairs. In the match-point scoring, every deal is considered a separate battle, so it requires consistency in bidding, table play and the defence. Twenty-eight pairs were seated in two directions and Mitchel Movement was conducted by the Tournament Director, Muhammad Azwerul Haque.

From the North-South direction, Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed and Farhat ullah Khan from Abbottabad topped having scored 60.23, F. A. Naeem – Khalid Zaki scored 63.86 percent from East-West direction. On the aggregate, F.A. Naeem – Khalid Zaki were declared overall winner. Anwar Gheewala – Jawad Abedi finished runners-up from NS direction as they scored 58.41 just a shade above Ehtisham Khawaja – Osman Ansari and Hashim Hameed-A. K. Bhurgari.

From the EW direction Anwer Kizilbash and Zafar Zaki occupied second position having scored 62.27 while Ashraf Kothari – Hussain Jaffer scored 57.59 percent for the third prize.


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