SITE concerns on goods transporters’ strike

General Karachi

Karachi: Acting Chairman, S.I.T.E. Association of Industry Naseem Anwar in a press statement Monday said that the ignorance of the authorities to take Cognizance of the prevailing issues of Goods Transporters Compelling to go on indefinite strike has badly suffered the economic activities of the country.

He said the authorities concerned if wished that industries should run, they must take necessary measures to resolve the issues before the stakeholders go on strike.

The goods transporters of Karachi who are on strike for the last week, on the one side causing heavy loss to importers/ exporters, the consignments are stuck up at the ports and due to non – supply of raw materials the industries are at the verge of closure, on the other side heavy demurrage charges shall have to be paid due to the delay in clearance of delay imported raw materials and on the export side the strike is causing cancellation of orders and expiry of LCs which would result in the heavy loss in duties to the exchequers and loss of Foreign Exchange.

He further said that 50% of the industries situated in the biggest and the oldest industrial estate of the country i.e. SITE are in serious crisis due to the goods transporters strike. The foreign buyers are demanding that their orders may be complied through air transport, which is not possible for the industries.

He stressed the Government to take immediate notice of the issues of Goods Transporters and resolve their genuine problems to avoid further disaster to the industries of SITE as well as economy of the country.