Sind people reject prepoll rigging: Mahar

District General

Shikarpur, Sind: Prepoll rigging in the coming elections would not be accepted to the people of Sind, said Pakistan Muslim League Functional PMLF leader and former federal minister Ghous Bux Mahar.

Addressing a joint press conference at the Shaikh House here on Monday, he charged that Pakistan Peoples’ Party PPP Sind leadership in connivance with MQM was bent for pre-polling rigging to nominate the Sind caretaker Chief Minister of their choice, bypassing the real opposition. He said that the PPP leaders were wooing people belonging to Mahar, Kamariyo and Shaikh communities offering them party tickets in district Shikarpur. He said this is evidence that PPP had lost political credibility in Sind after damaging the solidarity of Sind by passing anti-Sind dual Local Government Ordinance and pact to sell out the islands of Karachi.

Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh the PMLF Secretary General and Zulfiqar Ali Kamariyo also spoke. They asked how it was possible to hold free and fair elections when the real opposition in Sind was being ignored and the names proposed by the PMLF were not being considered.

The PMLF leaders advised the PPP leadership that they should avoid cheating the people as well as other political parties to steal the coming general elections. They said no one would be allowed to violate the election rules and regulations by in Sind. They said the PMLF believes in free and fair election. They hoped that under the leadership of Pir Sahib Pagara, the candidates of PMLF, NPP, JUI and other likeminded parties would contest elections on the basis of Sind issues in the larger interests of the people.

To a question Ghous Bux Mahar said that the candidates nominated by NPP, PMLF and nationalist parties would be supported at all national and provincial assembly seats in district Shikarpur against the PPP candidates.

On the occasion, Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh announced to fight election on PS11 Shikarpur against his brother Maqbool Ahmed Shaikh, who has recently joined the PPP, if given ticket of that party on the same seat.