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Shutter down strike observed in Jamrud

Peshawar: To express anger against the deadly bomb blast and show Solidarity with the martyrs and injured Jamrud bazaar was kept closed on Wednesday.

The residents of Jamrud, social, religious and political groups unanimously observed solidarity with the martyrs and injured persons of the Jamrud car blast which occurred two days back in a market of Jamrud bazaar.

One of the residents of Jamrud told that the local people and leaders of different groups expressed their strong reservations on the security lapse in Jamrud subdivision of Khyber Agency.

They said that occasionally Jamrud bazaar is targeted and innocent people killed, which is deplorable but despite that the political administration has not taken any solid precautionary measures to avert such deadliest explosions and mishaps.

The Jamrud civil hospital has become a ghost house where there s a lack of doctors, equipments and other concerned machinery so that the injured and serious patients could be provided with standard first aid medical support, Bakht Jamal Koki Khel lamented.

He said that the residents had repeatedly asked the government to provide facilities and competent staff to Jamrud civil hospital to cater to the needs and demands of the local people in case of such an emergency situation.

He residents of Jamrud have also asked the government to compensate the victims’ families at the earliest. The law and order situation is not satisfactory, the residents of Jamrud said, asking the administration to take extra security measures to avoid mishaps in the future.


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