SHC seeks comments for inclusion of human rights in curriculum

General Karachi

Karachi: Sindh High Court SHC on Wednesday directed provincial law officer to furnish comments on a petition seeking inclusion of human rights subject in curriculum.

Petitioner Zubair Ali Khaskheli cited Federation of Pakistan through Ministry of Education, Province of Sindh through Chief Secretary, and Secretary of Education and Literary Department as respondents.

He prayed the court to direct the federal and provincial governments to include human rights related articles of the Constitution in the school syllabus in order to bring harmony and peace in society, particularly for the benefit of next generations.

It was submitted that inclusion of chapter of constitution of Pakistan would enhance tolerance and harmony in society and would lead to prosperous society as dreamt by the founder of Pakistan.

He submitted that many first world countries such as America, France, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Norway keeping in view the importance of educating its citizens about their fundamental rights have introduced citizenships subject at primary level.

Petitioner submitted that developing countries to maximize respect of humanitarian has included the study of human rights in curriculum of all levels of education and training in all schools.

Ashraf Mughal DAG stated that since the education department has already been devolved to provincial governments, respondent no.1 was not necessary party.

After conducting hearing of the petition, the SHC’s division bench headed by Chief Justice Mushir Alam directed provincial law officer to file comments