Senate passes motion for formation of standing, functional committees

The Senate today passed a motion for the formation of standing and functional committees of the house.

The motion moved by Sherry Rehman also authorized the Chairman to make changes in the composition of the committees.

Taking the floor, Opposition Leader Shibli Faraz said that the process of constitution of the committees of the house be completed at the earliest.

Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar said they will extend full cooperation in this regard.

Minister for Law Azam Nazeer Tarar has said the federal government is discouraging the use of plastic bottles.

Speaking on a motion moved by Mohsin Aziz in the Senate today, he said Single Use Plastic Prohibition Regulations have been adopted under which small plastic bottles will be phased out in four years’ time.

He said responsibility also rests with the public at large to voluntarily participate in environment friendly practices.

In response to a motion moved by Dr Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur, Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar said despite limited resources,
the federal government is taking steps to cope with the challenge of climate change.

He said a pilot project of fifty seven million dollars under Recharge Pakistan is being initiated to utilize the floodwater. He said climate resilient seeds are also being introduced to save the agriculture sector from the impacts of climate change.

The Senate today passed a resolution recommending the government to take immediate steps for allocation of special funds under PSDPs to construct the new rail line and necessary infrastructure in Balochistan.

The resolution moved by Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri said it is important to connect and enable all districts of the province to benefit from development projects in the province.

Nine bills were laid before the house today.

These included: Pakistan Penal Code Amendment Bill 2024, Islamabad Nature Conservation and Wildlife Management Bill, Prevention of Smuggling of migrants Amendment Bill, the ICT Rights of Persons with Disability Amendment Bill, the Code of Criminal Pro
cedure Amendment Bill, 2024, the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Amendment Bill, the Constitution Amendment Bill 2024, The Muslim Family Laws Amendment Bill and Islamabad Capital Territory Private Educational Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Amendment Bill.

The house has now been adjourned to meet again tomorrow at five pm.

Source: Radio Pakistan