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Safia Rani was versatile artist of TV and performed well in various TV plays, Mossarat

Peshawar: Praying for the early recovery of the legendary TV artist, Safia Rani, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Caretaker Minister for Information and Culture, Ms. Mossarat Qadeem has said that she was the versatile artist of TV and performed well in various TV plays of different languages. Her work and services were unforgettable and would be remembered for a long time, she added.

This, she prayed, while handing over a cheque of financial help on behalf of the Culture Department to the heir of TV Artist Safia Rani at Peshawar. Director Culture, Pervez Khan Sabit Khel was also present on the occasion. It is May recalled that Safia Rani was ill for the last few years and presently she was hospitalized. The culture department has recently given a cheque of Rs. One lac to her.

Mossarat Qadeem said that artists were our precious assets and were the custodian of our culture and they would not be ignored rather they would be given their due status. She said that artists deserve our respect, as they were the people who distribute joys and happiness and provide basic necessities of life to the people.

The culture minister continued that all artists of this land were equally respectable for her and there would be no discrimination with any artist of this land.

She added that each artist would be given due respect. She said that we were culture-loving people and we proud of our culture and culture related people.

She eulogized the steps of the culture department for staging theatre plays on Rahman Baba and Khushal Khan Khattak and stressed for staging such plays on other personalities of this land also for the guidance of the new generation.

The minister on this occasion directed the authorities concerned to expedite work on the proposed culture policy, as culture was the basic component of the society providing identity and power to every nation.

She also stressed for a regular fund for the treatment of the artists or in case of their deaths for assistance to their heirs.

She directed the culture department to initiate steps for giving access to the local artists to the international market and arrange special training for them to modify their artisan work in line with the need of the international market.

Similarly, they will be self-reliance and our cultural activities would also be promoted.


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