Sadiq Umrani files nomination papers

District General Quetta

TAMBOO: President PPP Balochistan Muhammad Sadiq Umrani has said that time of those raising hollow slogans has passed. People would not fall prey to new tactics any more.

He was addressing a public gathering at Umrani House here Friday after filing his nomination papers on PB28 Dera Murad JamaliII Chattar.

He went to Judicial Magistrate and Returning Officer Noor Khan in a big procession.

Sadiq told people they never made tall promises and whatever promises made with the people were fulfilled because to us progress of our people and regional development is dearer. We would not allow any one to commit dacoity against rights over people. He said PPP is guarantee for strong and stable Pakistan. Our struggle is to eliminate poverty, hunger and unemployment.

He said performance of party during the past five years is before to all. They are better judge and they would decide. He asked the people to use their vote correctly because only this can change fate of the country and the nation.

He said Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her life for poor, suppressed segments fo society and stability of motherland and for democracy. We are in the field to complete her mission.

He said people should put stamp on arrow on May 11 to gie truth victory.