Rally, sit-in against toll tax at Tando Jam

Tando Jam, Sindh: A large number of people belonging to different social and political organizations, employees and students of Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam took out a big rally and staged sit-in at Hyderabad-Mirpur Khas road on Friday against unjust toll tax and manhandling of employees of varsity by the toll plaza staff.

The professors, scientists, activists of Sindh Rural Development Society, MQM, Sindh United Party, JSQM, Jamaat-e-Islami, Citizens Alliance and several other organizations took part in rally that marched through different roads and reached outside press club at Hyderabad-Mirpur Khas road. The protesters blocked the highway by staging sit-in.

Addressing the crowd, Dr. Hafeezullah Babar, Sher Ali Rajput, Hamad Ali, Naveed Laghari and others said hundreds of employees of university and research center besides people of surrounding rural areas use to travel on this road daily but they have to pay heavy toll tax only for eight kilometer distance, which is unjust.

They condemned manhandling the employees of university by toll plaza. They warned of dismantling the toll plaza if charging such a heavy toll tax was not stopped and announced taking out another rally on December 18.

Meanwhile, Sunni Tehreek took out rallies at Tando Jam and Khesana Mori to condemn the murder of ST leader Fahim Qadri in Karachi.