RAHAKP organised a three month summer camp in district Nowshera


Peshawar: The Refugees Affected and Hosting Programme UNDPRAHA Funded by EU of KP organised a three-month “Summer Camp” at Village “Toorlandi” Union Council “Zara Miana” in district Nowshera.

More than 30 out of school children” to be enrolled as regular students at the Government Primary School through the summer camp. The activity proved to be very fruitful where; as a result, 30 out of school children will be enrolled through the support of local PTCs and the Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, said in a press release issued here on Monday.

During the three month camp, the school children were provided with Syllable Books & Bags and a Community Teacher taught them the Pre-primary School lessons to involve the children as a step in Positive Behaviour change among parents, children and the overall community towards primary school enrolment & the importance of education.

After the completion of three months Summer Camp, RAHAKP in collaboration with the Education Department and the Local Community, World Literacy Day Women Community Organization Zanana Aman Khel at Village “Toorlandi” UC Zara Miana District Nowshera. The event was attended by Miss Naseem Bukhari ADO of the education department, RAHA KP Staff and the local community at large. Sessions, Public Addresses, Messages including a walk was also organized to participate in the Education and Literacy Campaign to support the government’s On the Occasion, RAHA’s intervention was warmly appraised by the educationists and the local communities. The education officer emphasized the regular enrolment of all these children in the week ahead to ensure the successful completion of the activity.

While appraising the support & interest of the local community and the education department in making the summer camp a successful, the Provincial Program Manager RAHAKP, Ms. Shukria Syed stressed the next step of intervention to be the identification of at least one most vulnerable public sector school in each district under RAHAKP to be given special attention towards improving and developing its structure, service delivery, water issues, latrines/sanitation,
health & hygiene etc by making it a “Model School”.

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