Punjab to Provide Internet Access to All Schools

The Punjab Schools Education Department (SED) has decided to provide internet access to all schools in the province, according to reports. This decision will guarantee that all schools in Punjab, regardless of size or location, have access to Internet education resources.

In addition, the department has developed a smartphone application to schedule lectures for students at the Intermediate level. This effort seeks to assist students in overcoming the need for tutoring and improving their learning achievements. Students will be able to simply use the app from their schools or homes, and it will deliver lectures on all topics.

Furthermore, SED has also approved the development of ten mobile schools around the province. The Department will supply ten buses for this project, which will be used solely for children from low-income families with limited access to schools. The federal government will subsidize these mobile schools, which will be outfitted with the necessary resources to provide quality education.

Maqbool Dhavla, Punjab Secretary of Schools, has recommended the project begins immediately, stressing the necessity of giving equitable educational opportunities to all students. This project will improve Punjab’s education system and increase the overall literacy rate.

Source: Pro Pakistani