PTI expresses concern over TI’s report, urges political forces to join hands to root out corruption

General Islamabad

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf PTI Secretary Information Shafqat Mahmood on Wednesday expressed grave concern over the release of Transparency International’s TI’s annual report which said that Pakistan had slipped nine ranks downward in the corruption’s CPI index – falling from 42nd most corrupt state in the world to 33rd most corrupt country in year 2012.

“The TI report is alarming and disturbing. This has proved true all the fears being expressed by the PTI chairman Imran Khan about the rampant corruption in the country,” said the PTI leader in a press release.

He said that disturbing matter was fact that despite alarms by the judiciary and civil society against rising corruption neither federal nor provincial governments were ready to adhere to. “I fear that the corruption level would rise further as we are entering into an election year and all the parties ruling whether in the centre or in the provinces are equally involved in minting money to be used in the next elections,” he added.

He said that corruption had become a major challenge for country and all patriotic forces committed to uproot this menace should join hands to tackle the issue effectively.