Provincial Commission on status of women celebrates women day

General Peshawar

Peshawar: Provincial Commission on the Status of Women Celebrates International Women Day 11 March 2013. The Provincial Commission on the Status of Women held an event at its office to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2013.

The event was held on 11 March instead of 8th March due to the no availability of Ms. Sitara Ayaz, Minister SW&WED, and the Chief Guest for the occasion.

The event was attended by MPAs, officials from SW&WED, representatives of Civil Society Organizations including media and representatives from the Women Wing of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The program included a welcome note by the Chairperson, PCSW, elaboration of the Civil Society Movement in Pakistan by Saima Munir of Aurat Foundation, a skit item highlighting discriminatory attitudes of society towards socioeconomic advancement of women, role of Media in promoting gender equality by tow eminent media persons viz. Mr. Safiullah Gul and Ms. Farzana Ali from Dunya TV. Munawar Sultana, MPA KP also spoke on the occasion. The final address was by the Minister SW&WED.

Ms. Saima Munir of Aurat Foundation highlighted the history of women movement in Pakistan. She gave an account of the recent pro women legislation including Sexual Harassment Act, Women ownership and Killing Rights and Honour Killing Law.

Skit presented by performer’s highlighted societal attitudes towards basic human rights of women including education and ownership.

Mr. Safiullah Gul, senior media person highlighted that women media activists were relentlessly playing their duties side by side with their male counterparts. This made the media to outreach and integrate the perceptions and highlight the issues of women. Many young women were coming to join media who need special orientation about the field. Ms. Farzana Ali
MPA Munawar Sultana on behalf of the Members of Provincial Assembly highlighted the role and courage of female MPAs.

The Minister SW&WED in her final address commended the efforts of the Commission. She noted that the first ever Gender Equality Policy made for the province has been forwarded to the CM and it expectedly it is be approved within next two days.

The Chairperson in her vote of thanks thanked the participants for participation and acknowledged the contribution of Khwendo Kor skit team.