Protests against court notice undemocratic: JI

Karachi: Acting Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami JI Karachi Barjees Ahmed has said that the protests demonstrations against the issuance of contempt of court notice are ‘undemocratic’ and such malpractices to dishonour the constitutional institutions should be discouraged as it will harm democracy and democratic process.

In a statement issued here, he questioned why the chief of a party in coalition government could not appear before court, while the Prime Minister and Federal Interior Minister of the country had already appeared before the court.

Ahmed termed the recent protests of MQM against judiciary, a continuation of ‘May 12 Mayhem’. He suggested MQM leader Altaf Hussain should appear before the court and respond in the constitutional and democratic ways over the allegations levelled against him.

He further said the government should take notice of the recent protests, as the national exchequer suffers the loss of Rs 7billion a day is Karachi remain closed.

“The recent protests by MQM have proved that the party and its chief consider themselves exempted from accountability,” he said adding its leaders in their speeches are continuing to disrespect judiciary.