Projects under Lyari Development Package reviewed

Karachi: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation KMC Chief Officer Matanat Ali Khan has directed to complete the development projects under Lyari Development Package according to given designs and standard.

He expressed unpleasantness on bad quality of construction works of schools and strictly warned concerned engineers to enhance the standard and present the complete report during next week.

He said that along with toilets, availability of water and other necessary works should be done according to high standard and if construction work found on low standard, disciplinary action against concerned officers would be taken.

He said this while visiting various projects under Lyari Development Package where he was accompanied by Project Director Abdul Aleem Lashari, Sr. Director Medical Services A.D. Sajnani, Director Education Afaq Mirza and other high officials.

He directed to carry out the works including construction, renovation and availability of lights according to given standard.

He said that the construction of 5 dispensaries and 5 maternity homes under the arrangements of KMC was being done under Lyari Development Package and construction works in dispensaries and schools in Lyari Meeran Peer, Ghazi Abdul Qayyum, Behar Colony, Hazara Colony were underway and directed to complete them till next month.

He said that every possible medical facility would be provided to poor and deserving class.

He said that 98 percent of work in dispensaries and maternity homes under the arrangements of KMC had been completed and remaining work would complete in next month.

He directed director education and engineering staff to maintain the quality standard in development works of schools.

Matanat Ali Khan said that along with construction in schools water coolers, cleanliness of underground and overhead tanks, fans, floor of class rooms, colouring and renovation works should be given special attention.

The 80 percent of construction works of schools located in Agra Taj Colony and Baghdadi had been completed whereas above 80 percent in Behar Colony, Hazara Colony, Chakiwara, Singo Lane had also been completed. The number of schools in Lyari is 51 which were located in 26 different buildings in which above 8 thousand students study.