Principal escapes bid on life, Governor, CM condemn attack

QUETTA: Principal Tameer Nau College escaped in murderous attack here Sunday. A vegetable seller was injured in the firing. According to details Principal Tameer e Nau College Fazle Haq Mir and others were returning to city from Tameer e Nau Complex situation at Eastern By pass today. When they covered some distance, armed men tried to stop their vehicle. But when the driver did not stop, armed men opened fire. Bullets hit the vehicle and one of its tyre was burst. A vegetable sellers was injured in the firing. However driver did not stop and accelerated the vehicle thus saved people on board.

Meanwhile Balochistan Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi while strongly condemning the firing on the Fazle Haq Mir said that such barbaric attacks on those spreading light of education are condemnable.

Governor thanked Allah almighty who saved Principal in murderous attack. He expressed grief over injury to a vegetable seller in the firing and prayed for his early recovery. He directed law enforcement agencies to immediately arrest accused involved and punish them sternly. He said personalities like Fazle Haq Mir are great treasure and assets for us and their security if responsibility of us all.

Attackers on them are hateful. He said terrorist elements for whom money is all and they can do anything for it. They are not able to be called human being. But occurrence of such incidents is extremely regretful and matter of concern for us particularly police and administration has to think despite claiming extremely effective security measures why incidents of terrorism cannot be stopped yet and why an attempt to remove such a personality was possible. He said if still nothing was done to stop such incidents then no one would be able to save the society form destruction.

He said he is grieved over killing of every innocent people. He was also very much grieved over murderous attack on Professor Fazle Haq Mir. Had he been harmed it would have been an irreparable loss.

Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani while condemning firing on Professor Fazle Haq Mir said that he was rendering valuable services for promotion of education in the province. Murderous attack on him is deep conspiracy against the province and an attempt at to deprive youth of the province form light of education. It is condemnable. He said Fazle Haq has reserved all his wealth for equipping children of the province with education. Therefore every segment of society, political and tribal leaders has to condemn this incident so that terrorists could realize everyone hates them.

Chief Minister termed performance of police and administration extremely disappointing.

He expressed satisfaction over escape of Fazle Haq Mir and prayed for his long life. He directed law enforcement agencies to take action against those involve dint he attack and steps should e taken for their arrest.

He also expressed good wishes for injured vegetable seller. Jamaat Islami Balochistan also expressed deep grief and sorrow over the attack on Fazle Haq Mir and strongly condemned it. Jamaat Islami Spokesman said Balochistan is already faced with educational backwardness and destruction. Educational experts were shifting from this province. Attacks on playing positive role for the province is conspiracy of enemy and making easy work for anti Balochistan forces.