Price Hike: Honda’s Cheapest Bike Now Costs Rs. 1.5 Lac

The relentless depreciation of the local currency has unleashed another wave of price hikes that are pummeling the general public.

Atlas Honda has now joined this saga, raising the prices of its bikes by up to Rs. 15,000. This is Honda’s fifth price hike this year.

Effective as of May 1, the new prices are as follows:

Model Old Prices (Rs.) New Prices (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)

CD 70 149,900 154,900 5,000

CD 70 Dream 160,900 165,900 5,000

Pridor 197,900 203,900 6,000

CG 125 222,900 229,900 7,000

CG 125 Special Edition 265,900 275,900 10,000

CB 125 F 365,900 380,900 15,000

CB 150 F 458,900 473,900 15,000

CB 150 F SE 462,900 477,900 15,000

Due to price hikes and production cuts, bike sales have sustained a major hit. In recent days, the dollar rate has surged, leading to a new wave of price hikes throughout the automotive sector.

Although the market remains eerily quiet at present, it is probable that other bike manufacturers will soon follow in Honda’s footsteps. As a result, bike sales are poised to decline further, along with industrywide revenues.

Source: Pro Pakistani