President PMLF Balochistan

CHATTAR: Performance of present government has become question mark. Name of democracy has been demolished. So called democratic government is about to complete its five years in power but the way law and order has become aggravated in every nook and corner of the country no one considers him safe at any place. There is complete law of jungle in the country.

This was stated by President PMLF Musharraf Ali Khosa in a statement Monday.

He said ratio of unemployment has increased and price hike has sky rocketed has no limit. People were unable to eat two times bread. Everything in the country has crippled.

Every patriotic countryman had apprehensions over seeing situation in the country. Corruption has touched its peak and problems were emerging due to unconstitutional steps and there seems no law and order.

In view of these circumstances hundreds and thousands of people participated in public meeting of Pir Pagara which clearly indicated a change in the country. It also indicated that Pakistan is not property of few people. He said PML Functional would stand like rock against unconstitutional steps and against the interests of the country. Because Pir Pagara’s Hur mujahideen and people of Pakistan rendered sacrifices of their lives for creating of Pakistan. He said no goonda raj or so called monarch in the name of democracy would be allowed to flourish. If there is matter of country’s survival then blood would be given for it.

He said abduction of PMLF Joint Secretary is clear proof of failure of Balochistan government. If practical steps were not taken for his recovery, a tough policy would be evolved.