Power Minister unveils NEPRA’s quarterly tariff adjustment Plan

Minister for Power Sardar Awais Leghari says NEPRA makes quarterly tariff adjustment, which is charged in the next three months’ bills.

In a statement today, he said the adjustment for the second quarter of the current year 2023-24 was 2.75 rupees, which is being charged in April, May and June.

The Minister said NEPRA has fixed the third quarter adjustment which will be enforced in next three months. This adjustment will be 1.90 rupees for next month but 0.93 rupees for July and August. Thus, a total of 4.65 rupees will be charged as quarterly adjustment in June.

He further said that the total cost of quarterly adjustment in July and August bills will come down from 4.65 to 0.93 rupees, which is a decrease of 3.72 rupees.

Source: Radio Pakistan