Politics: Tension between PTI’s leaders, workers on rise - Pakistan News Digest - Pakistan News Digest

Politics: Tension between PTI’s leaders, workers on rise - Pakistan News Digest

Politics: Tension between PTI’s leaders, workers on rise

Abbottabad: Workers and office bearers of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf PTI burst upon the provincial president and speaker of Provincial assembly Asad Qaiser in Eid Milan Party held here at the divisional office of PTI here on Sunday for neglecting the party workers and office bearers of Haripur, Mansehra, Battagram, Kohistan ,Tor Ghar and Abbottabad districts by the PTI ministers and party leaders.

Asad Qaiser accompanied by provincial minister Ameenullah Gandapur was the chief guest at the reception which was attended by the workers of PTI from Hazara Division. Ali Asghar Khan divisional president of PTI Hazara presented the welcome address.

Annoyed workers and office bearers levelled serious charges on the provincial leadership of PTI with the remarks that they Workers are being ignored by the elected representatives, provincial ministers, special assistants and advisors who all giving no room to devoted workers of the PTI, their telephone calls are unattended while they are not consulted on most of the important local issues , they are not taken on board by the provincial leadership.

It was future alleged that some of elected representatives are also involved in the grouping in the party and are working against the party manifesto which is harmful for the party .Strong reservations were shown on the duel office of party provincial leadership as they had no choice left to knock the doors and no efforts are being done to get in order the party affairs. It was further added that recent by-elections are eye opener for the central and provincial command to act immediately and to remove the grievances of the workers otherwise party will be suffering .
Asad Qaiser while replying the heated remarks and speeches of office bearers of PTI Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Kohistan and others namely Qari Rashid Mehmood, Waseem Shehzad Khattak, Kamal Ghaznavi, Shafqat Ali Raja Safeer, Javed Swati, Niaz, Amrullah, Juma Khan, Shah Zareen and others tried to cool down the workers with the news that in coming local bodies elections, PTI will take each and every step after the consultation of district and Tehsil bodies and had reminded that PTI provincial government which is currently facing some of uphill tasks like fight against terrorism , power crisis and poor law and order was in effort to bring all in order and assured that PTI will never let down the party workers who are the main assets of the party .

It should be noted that action of PTI government on the appointments of Law Officer has already attracted strong criticism from Peshawar , Swat and Hazara Insaf lawyers Forum two days back and it was linked with the bypassing the district bodies of the Insaf Lawyers forum who had declared that merit was not followed at the time of appointment as lesser experience lawyers with low professional track record ware being appointed on the most important slots of Deputy Advocate Generals and Additional Advocate general of KPK government.


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