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Politics: PMLQ seeking potential candidate to clinch Sambrial seat

Sialkot: The PMLQ was looking for a strong and suitable candidate in constituency NA112, SialkotIII Sambrial ahead of the coming general elections in a bid to grab this seat from stronghold of PMLN.

The PMLQ has two names for this constituency including Brig. Rtd Muhammad Aslam Ghuman the retired director general of Anti Corruption EstablishmentACE Punjab and exporterturnedpolitician Muhammad Saleem Baryar President PMLQ Sialkot District.

PMLQ still remains undecided to finalize its candidate from these two names, in this regard. However, both of these candidates were showing their political muscles and locking their horns for getting the PMLQ candidate from this Sambrial constituency.

In 2008 general elections, the PMLN’s youngster Rana Abdul Sattar 28 years old had defeated the PMLQ Chief Ch. Shujaat Hussain from this constituency with a great lead of 50000 votes. PMLQ remained second in this constituency while, PPP’s candidate Col Rtd Sultan Sikandar Ghuman clinched third position by getting 29472 votes.

Now, the provincial leaders of both PPP and PMLQ had agreed on seat adjustment and under their agreed agreement, the PMLQ’s candidate would be a joint candidate of both PMLQ and PPP to gain this seat by defeating PMLN in this constituency ahead of coming 2013 general elections.


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