Policy initiatives taken by SIFC leaving positive impact on business environment

Policy initiatives on the part of Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) are leaving a positive impact on the business environment in the country.

Under the policy measures, the visa policy has been revised by removing unnecessary barriers, which has increased the confidence of foreign investors.

National Seed Development and Regulatory Authority has been set up to provide high quality seeds to the farmers which will not only ensure increase in crop production but also in provision of better advice and guidance to the farmers.

A formal Cannabis Regulatory Authority has been established and work has begun on policy formulation to explore the medical benefits of cannabis.

A comprehensive policy has been prepared to enable the export of seafood to other countries, through which fish and other products will be processed according to international standards, which will benefit the industry.

Due to the facilitation of the SIFC, the country was able to implement a national space policy. I-Cube Q satell
ite reached the moon and another communication satellite was launched last Thursday.

A lot of progress has also been made in upgrading the existing refineries to Euro-5 standard which will help in providing high quality petroleum products to the consumers.

The SIFC played a key role in bringing about greater coordination between the provinces and the center.

Source: Radio Pakistan