PMLN demands internal audit of Sindh information dept

Karachi: Alleging that Sindh Information Department has become a den of corruption, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz PMLN here Tuesday demanded internal audit of the department and probe into the process of quantum of its advertisement budget and criteria of their distribution.

PMLN Karachi Division president Nihal Hashmi claimed that the Sindh information department has the budget of Rs400mn for advertisements to electronic media, but last years it issued advertisement of Rs1billion. He asked on whose orders these advertisements were distributed and how much ‘commission’ was received. He claimed for the last five years no internal audit of the Sindh information department was conducted, demanding to initiate the internal audit process at the earliest.

He charged that corruption and nepotism was rampant in the department, he said violating the court order, the provincial department is planning to recruit some blue-eyed boys from the backdoor channel. He demanded of the National Accountability Bureau NAB to initiate a probe in these matters so that the waste of taxpayers’ money could be checked. He said in government recruitment there should be a fair chance for all candidates and the process of selling the government jobs should be stopped.

To a question, he said the preparations for the visit of PMLN chief Mian Nawaz Sharif to Sindh province are in final shape, adding the party would arrange big public rallies, as it considers Sindh as the heart of Pakistan.