PM vows to replicate China’s development model in Pakistan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has vowed to replicate China’s successful model of development in Pakistan.

In his article published by Global Times, he expressed the confidence that China-Pakistan deepening cooperation will yield even greater benefits, improving the lives of their citizens and their most vital assets. He said this will build a stronger China-Pakistan Community of Shared Future in the New Era.

The Prime Minister said the upgraded version of the CPEC promises an even brighter future. Both sides have jointly built a growth corridor, a livelihood-enhancing corridor, an innovation corridor, a green corridor, and an open corridor, which resonate with the people-centric development agenda of the Pakistani government.

He said the upgraded version of the CPEC envisions over sixty high-quality cooperation projects. He said Pakistan is dedicated to further elevating its time-tested and enduring partnership with China to greater heights.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is fully committed to supporti
ng and securing Chinese personnel, projects, and institutions as they continue to make immense contributions to the development and prosperity of Pakistan.

Highlighting the priorities and reform agenda of his government, Shehbaz Sharif said we have also established a Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) to foster and enhance Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), through a whole of a government approach and a one window facility. He said the SIFC is delivering results in increasing ease of doing business, removing barriers, and optimizing synergy between federal and provincial governments. It is prioritizing key sectors such as agriculture, mining, information technology, and energy through foreign investments.

Referring to the strong bonds between the two countries, the Prime Minister said our All Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership has grown into a sturdy tree with deep roots in the hearts of our two peoples. He said the two countries have stood by each other, through weal and woe, sharing good
as well as challenging times together, in the true spirit of iron-clad friendship.

Source: Radio Pakistan