PM seeks global cooperation in ending barbaric crimes in Gaza

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged the international community to play its role in ending barbaric crimes in Gaza and Rafah by Israeli forces.

In a video message today, he appealed the world powers to ensure the lasting peace for the innocent people of Kashmir and Palestine.

Condemning the Israeli oppression on innocent Palestinians in strong words, the Prime Minister said these crimes are violating all international norms, decisions of International Court of Justice and UN Resolutions.

Counting on these crimes, Shehbaz Sharif said so far over 36000 people have been martyred by Israeli forces during last eight months while thousands of houses have been demolished, forcing the people to live under open sky.

The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to all the Muslim countries for raising their voice against Israeli oppression through the platforms of OIC and UN Security Council. He said Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is leading this roles while the support of UAE, Qatar and Kuwait is also significant.

also thanked the European countries, specifically Spain, Norway and Ireland for announcing their support in recognition of the State of Palestine.

The Prime Minister prayed for the enduring peace in Gaza and Rafah so the people of Palestine live peacefully.

Source: Radio Pakistan