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PM: Democracy is the only solution to problems of country, says Raja Pervez Ashraf

Islamabad: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that government has taken important decisions to steer country out of crisis.

He said that democracy is the only solution to problems of the country. He stated while addressing a function here at Prime Minister Secretariat, to regularize the contract employees of National Highway Authority on Wednesday. He said that everyone has right to seek support of the people but the way to change is through ballot alone.

The Prime Minister said it is for the first time that a neutral and independent Election Commission has been established to ensure holding of free‚ fair and transparent elections.

He said that if a democratically elected government completes five years then the democratic process would take roots and no one would be able to conspire against the system or impose his agenda.

The Prime Minister said that those delivering lecture on democracy should first prove their democratic credentials whether they rendered any sacrifice for the democracy.

Raja Pervez Ashraf said the PPP believes in the politics of people and that is why it has been pursuing people friendly policies ever since its inception. The Prime Minister said the PPP Government with the cooperation of other parties restored the disfigured Constitution to its original form and the present parliament made record legislation during its tenure.

He said elections are the only way to decide who had the mandate of the people and everyone should adopt this method. He said the parliament was completing its tenure for the first time in the history of the country and the democratic system would become a strong institution and no one can damage it.

He said, “Nondemocratic and unconstitutional governments have no respect at global level.”
The Prime Minister said if there is any need to rectify any error, even then elections and the democracy is the only way to do so.

He said the PPP government is in power because it got votes in the elections and then got support from its allies; therefore, it was able to form the government through democratic manner, which is the real and right way.

The Prime Minister said some elements did not believe in this democratic system, but if they had any other proposal, it can be implemented through election process as there is no other alternative to the election and democracy.

He said that Government had increased salaries of the Government employees by one hundred and twenty percent‚ raised pensions‚ increased minimum wages and regularized daily wage and contract employees ending the state of uncertainty about their career.

The Prime Minister distributed letters of regularization among contract employees of the NHA and directed that those fulfilling the criteria should be given equal incentives.


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