PIMA convention: Doctors advised to develop professional skills


Sukkur: Senior health professionals and foreign medical graduates Friday advised medical students and young doctors to concentrate on career development and enhancement of their professional skills by applying for advanced medical courses within the country and abroad to serve ailing humanity instead of moving permanently to developed countries in search of greener pastures.

“Wealth, career development and respect in the society comes from having faith in Allah Almighty, hard work and qualities of honesty and integrity. There are scores of professionals who not only gained fame and wealth but also respect by living within their country and serving their poor countrymen. If anybody wishes to go abroad, he should do so for his professional development and aim to return back to Pakistan, which helped him or her to become a respectable medical professional in the society” said Dr. Wasey Shakir, consultant neurologist and Assistant professor at Aga Khan University while addressing career guidance seminar here.

The seminar was part of the inaugural ceremony of the 16th Biennial Provincial Convention of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association PIMA Sindh which started here Friday with a number of activities including seminars, scientific sessions, public awareness activities and conferences.

Hundreds of male and female doctors, medical students and health professionals from different health facilities and medical educational varsities and colleges are attending the 16th Biennial Convention whose objective is to increase professional as well as moral and ethical skills of the participants.

The formal inauguration of the biennial convention was during a separate ceremony which was attended by former ambassador of Pakistan to United Nations Abdullah Hussain Haroon, who paid rich tribute to PIMA for holding provincial and national conventions regularly for the guidance of young graduates and said the Association was serving the country by providing excellent learning opportunities to young medical graduates.

Dr. Wasey Shakir who is a foreign qualified health professional and researchers, told the participants of the seminar that every year thousands of medical graduates from developing countries visit UK, United States and other developed countries for their professional development and learn advancements in the field of health sciences but most of them return to their homelands where their people await them to rid them of misery and disease.

“Unfortunately, our medical students having only wealth in their mind, go abroad after becoming experts in the field of health sciences, they start their careers in developed countries while their own people die at the hands of diseases and ignorance. I’m asking you not to go abroad but instead of serving others, you should come back to homeland and serve your own people” he advised young graduates.

Other speakers at the career guidance seminar at the convention apprised students and medical professionals of various opportunities abroad, especially in England, United States, Australia and Some European countries for their professional development and guided them how they could apply for admissions at reputed medical institutions in the world for postgraduate medical studies.

Dr Muneer Sadiq and Dr Atif Mansha apprised the participants of the courses and steps they need to follow for getting medical education in UK and USA while Dr. Kashif Shazlee spoke about the excellence of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan CPSP and its credibility around the globe.

The seminar was followed by an interactive question and answer session where foreign qualified experts of PIMA satisfied the quest of young medical graduates and students about their plans for career development. Another public awareness activity was also held at LabeMEhran, the bank of Indus River where qualified experts offered medical examinations including tests of blood sugar level, blood pressure, nutrition status of children and told the general public about healthy practices they should adopt to keep themselves away from diseases and avoid getting diabetes and hypertension, tow main health conditions leading to many chronic diseases and deaths in Pakistan.

Several scientific sessions, workshops on various topics including Pediatrics, Nutrition, chest diseases, diabetes, hypertension, Thalassemia management, management of burnt patients as well as Islamic lectures and ethical and moral lectures have been planned for their participants of the convention for their professional skill development.

The convention will continue on Saturday where top medical academicians and experts from all over Pakistan and abroad will deliver lectures to partuicpants of different sessions and workshops to help them improve their skills and career development.