People were befooled in name of Thar coal: PMLN

District General

Sakrand, Sind: The rulers hoodwinked for five years in the name of Thar coal project, as no concrete efforts were taken in these long years, said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz PMLN central vice president Mamnoon Hussain.

Talking to media here Sunday, he said the rulers did not pay any attention to the energy crisis during their whole tenure and they badly damaged the national economy through their corrupt practices. He said that if the PMLN came to power it would implement the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline despite all US pressure.

He said the people of Sind, especially youths, are joining the PMLN. He said his party would give more opportunities to women and youth. He said in the coming elections his party would show better performance in Sind province. He said holding of the coming elections on their schedule in a must and the new polls would shape the destiny of Pakistan.